Bluebird’s Granny CAL 2016

Oh for the wonders of the internet, for some very strange reason this page was taken over by the crochet along from earlier this year and I cannot find where the original Granny CAL page has disappeared … anyway here are the details for Bluebird’s Granny Crochet Along which runs from October to December 2016.  This will remain free for ever either here on on my Ravelry page.

My wonderful testers CAL’s

Information Sheet

English    Danish      Dutch      French      German      Spanish

Part 1

English      Danish      French      German      Spanish      Swedish      Dutch

Part 2

English      Danish      Dutch      French      German      Spanish      Swedish

Part 3

English      Danish      Dutch      French      German      Spanish      Swedish

Part 4

English      Danish      Dutch      French      German      Spanish      Swedish

Part 5

English      Danish      Dutch      German      Spanish      Swedish      French

Part 6

English      Dutch       French        German       Spanish      Swedish  Danish to follow shortly



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