About me (and my free patterns)

Hello, I’m Tracey and the creator and designer of Bluebird & Daisy.  I live in Mid-Devon in the UK and am a full time working mum and wife with an obsession with crochet and all things stitch.  If it means creating something handmade with as little fuss as possible then that’s me. I’ve been a quilter since the age of 13 with crochet finding me twenty five years later, just at the beginning of 2015…and I love it. I also play with jewellery making and felt creations.

I hope you like my blog.

I have an online shop on Etsy where I sell my excess makes and creations because there are only so many crochet blankets you can fit in your house.  I am also on Facebook with quick snippets of makes and where I share designs and links that I love.

Bluebird & Daisy Shop

Bluebird & Daisy on Facebook

I’m going to pop the links below to free patterns as they appear within posts on my blog.  I know how frustrating it can be finding something you thought you saw, the link will open up a new tab:

Bluebird & Daisy – a Granny inspired square with bluebird embellishment

Diamonds into Hexagons – diamond shape pattern

Dave the Dog   Daisys Cat   Bluebirds Bunny – amigurumi animals

Charity Cluster Bag    Charity Teddy    Charity Granny Bag – three charity crochet patterns, two bags and a teddy puppet

Bluebird & Daisy CAL 2016 this is the 12 part crochet along that ran from February 2016, there is now a designated place on Ravelry for the pattern, each language is in a single printout for all 12 parts

Crochet Fingerless Gloves – simple continuous circle gloves

All of the patterns are also available on Ravelry for free download or adding to your library there: Bluebird on Ravelry

7 thoughts on “About me (and my free patterns)

    1. Unfortunately I have no specific tutorials. You’ll need to look for back loop single crochet joining. Once you have the squares joins the granny stripe attaches to it so will hopefully then make more sense as you’ll have a nice neat row of single crochet to work the granny stitch into


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