Bluebird’s Granny – Part 6

So, here we are, the final part, its seriously whizzed by and I hope that at least some of you have kept up when you’ve wanted to and to all the rest (which would include me) I hope you complete it for when you want it.  This week we are putting her all together and putting a nice thick and relatively simple granny stitch boarder on.  The border is quiet wide so please feel free to interpret it how you feel and whether you want to do all eight rows of granny stitch.  It is also worth noting that the last three rows of my border (as below) took a whole ball of the mocha which is around 295 meters in total.


Thank you so much for following my blog and for those that have made or are making this crochet along.  I would love to see finished afghans, please either share your photos to me here at the blog or via my Facebook page, it is also really nice to just come across a photo of something I’ve designed that someone else has interpreted on the CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook page (without whom this crochet along would not have happened).

Its certainly been quite a year with two crochet alongs in it, there will be one hopefully next year but it will be at the latter end and will involve mandala’s, wavy stripes and overlaid crochet …. anyhow here’s the pattern and the translations (which I will add as soon as I’ve received them):


Dutch      French      German      Spanish      Swedish   Danish to be added once received


4 thoughts on “Bluebird’s Granny – Part 6

  1. I am seriously behind, I’m only on part 1 but I love this and will finish it, just don’t hold your breath. Thank you for the lovely pattern.


  2. I just wanted to say that so very much for putting this together. I agree that CALs are about going your own pace. I’m on part 4, tons of ends to catch up on, but I’m going to keep on hookin! As I’m so so happy with myself for even getting this far on it, I’m determined to see this lovely project through.
    Thank you again!!


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