Bluebird’s Granny – Part 3

Welcome back everyone … I hope the weeks break has helped with some catch up or perhaps the chance to start/finish/do a bit more of another project.  Anyhow we are now on Part 3, with Part 4 next week before another weeks break.  I cannot again stress enough that this crochet along is not a race it is for the enjoyment of creating an afghan/blanket.  I have only just finished the wonderful Zooty Owl’s Seaside Winter CAL which ended over a month ago … crochet is about the enjoyment and the therapy, oh and the finished product when and if we get there.

This week it is hexagons with surround that fills in the mountains and valleys they create.

Below is the US version with translations as soon as I receive them.

ADDENDUM: on the granny stripe work six (6) rows in total not the five that the pattern indicates …. pattern amendments will be made as soon as I can


Danish      Dutch      French      German      Spanish      Swedish

I have had some requests for help on travelling the yarn on the back of the Granny Stripe.  Well after much internet searching I’ve found this brilliant explanation which includes written, pictures and a video.  I’ve learnt that its called colour stranding, you learn something new every day … hopefully it will help : Colour Stranding


4 thoughts on “Bluebird’s Granny – Part 3

  1. Wow !!!Tracey , I can not wait to start part 3 – it looks beautiful . Finished no 1 and now on to no 2 . Its all working out well ,it is my TV and visitors work .


  2. Hi, just a quick question. On US instructions it says of granny stripe rows. Do row 1, then 2 and 3. Repeat row 2 and 3 giving 6 rows in total. Isn’t that five rows or does the initial sc row count? Many thanks. I’m really enjoying this CAL.


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