Bluebird’s Granny – Reshuffle

It came to my attention earlier today that the scheduling of the crochet along has caused stress and a loss of enjoyment as there is too much to do over the past two parts in the time allowed.

To me a crochet along is about learning new skills and enjoying the process rather than the race to the finish.  I have never started or finished a crochet along on time.

I have decided to have a break now between Part 2 and 3 and then another break between Part 4 and 5.  This will extend the crochet along by just one week so it will be concluded on 13 December still in time for Christmas.

It is difficult to gauge the right amount of instructions for any crochet along as we all have our own life commitments and we all crochet at different speeds.  I hope that by doing this shuffle it will help.

The new schedule will be:

Part 3:  15 November 

Part 4: 22 November 


Part 5: 6 December 

Part 6: 13 December

I cannot stress enough that this is not a race to complete first.  I have designed and created this as a full time working mum and wife so completely understand time constraints.  This crochet along is to be enjoyed, when you finish it makes no difference.  Please just enjoy the process ….



12 thoughts on “Bluebird’s Granny – Reshuffle

  1. Shame about the reshuffle – I have not had trouble keeping up and neither have any of my friends who are participating. In fact some of use are doing another CAL at the same time! We suspect this may be a case of the majority quietly carry on whilst a few are vocal. Could the slower ones just not finish in their own time?

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  2. I love the idea of postponing it. I was not able to keep up and have been at peace with working at my own pace and have enjoyed seeing people going faster than me as it was inspiring to get back around to it when I have time again. But it did make me sad seeing how many people were beating themselves up for being “too slow.”. You have a wonderful attitude about taking time to enjoy the process. Thank you for all the work you put into creating such a wonderful blanket for us all.


  3. Thank you for your attention & sensitivity for this CAL. I haven’t even begun mine yet; so I’m clearly not in a hurry, as I have two other projects I need to finish 1st. But I’ve participated in other CAL’s, so I know from personal experience that it’s easy to get caught up in trying to keep up each week. I think your offer to extend the CAL a little bit is a gracious & professional gesture of goodwill & will be greatly appreciated! The pattern you’ve offered is lovely & it’s clear by your actions that you are a lovely person too. Actions do speak louder than words! Thank yuu again for sharing your lovely pattern!

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  4. That is such a shame. I leave to go overseas next week for 6 weeks and was hoping to take it with me, but i don’t think it will be worth it, incase I run out of supplies etc…
    Anyways like you say it is not a competition and I will enjoy doing this in January upon my return.

    I am loving it although my lengths do not match each other so will be adding rows either end to meet up 🙂


  5. I am 63 years and have been crocheting since I was seven. I have joined several CAL’s and this is my second CAL with you. I love this one! Thank you for sharing the pattern and I love doing CAL”s…mainly because it is no race. There are stitches that are new to me and I get to work at my own pace. If it is not to my enjoyment than I will quit it and move on. I just want to share, a CAL to me is a piece of art and project that I have done through your hard work, time and effort that you shared with me and each completed CAL is a masterful piece of work. I can’t thank you enough and don’t be discouraged, I just completed another CAL which was easy and fun and people still complained because there were too many back loop stitches. It is hard to please everyone, if some people understood how complex it is to produce a pattern I am sure they would appreciate it even more. You are doing great, keep up the good work and God Bless you for being so talented!


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