Bluebird’s Granny – Part 2

So here we are already, Part 2 of the crochet along, I hope you’re all keeping up ok.  This week we are making flowers with a little more of a complex stripe where you will carry the yarn over on the back.


I hope that my block and stripe method is making sense.  The basics are that you make a set of squares, join them together, do an sc border on both long sides and then use this nice neat row of sc stitches to add your granny stitch stripe to one of the sides (hence no reason to do a great long chain), its a join as you go project really.  You’ll have an extra stripe to add to the top or bottom of your finished blanket at the end.

I would also add that it is entirely up to you whether you block any or all of this crochet along, my original has not been blocked at all, I feel that the granny stitch creates good square pieces but if you want to block just do a search on the internet for the type of yarn you’re using and there is plenty of advise out there.

Please find below the English/US terms pattern in the blue type together with the translations :









8 thoughts on “Bluebird’s Granny – Part 2

  1. Keeping up is a bit stressful!! This time round I think there is a lot to do between one part release and another. The idea of the CAL is to crochet along not a race!!! Sorry but this is purely my impression.


    1. I was told on my last CAL that there was not enough each fortnight. I completely agree that any crochet along is not a race…there is no reason to keep up as the pattern will be available for ever and for free. The testers felt a weekly release was ok, there is a break between week 4 and 5 and it finishes in good time for a Christmas completion. Unfortunately we all work a different speeds, I don’t think getting the right amount work in each part is possible. Please don’t feel stressed, just enjoy the process and be inspired by those more speedy people. Tracey


      1. Really sorry about this, its a pity that this CAL is for the speedy ones, I work full time crochet is a hobby to relieve stress not add to it. Will have to stop this CAL it defeats the purpose! Your previous CAL was really relaxed and I really enjoyed your easy to follow instructions, I am not a beginner but my crochet time is limited to an hour or slightly more every day, so it will be hard to keep up. Good luck for the rest of the ‘race’ but I’m out.


      2. I work full time too and have a family, I have never started or completed a crochet along on time or ‘kept up’ as I rarely have even a hour a day to crochet, I just enjoy the process. I am so sorry to see you are defeated and giving up. To me crochet is a therapy and if a pattern causes stress it has to be put aside. I do hope that you will feel you can pick it up again. It’s such a difficult balance to find when working out how much to put in each part, I guess this time I’ve got it wrong. Many apologies. Tracey


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