Bluebird’s Granny Crochet Along 2016

Good morning!  I am very very excited to announce that my second crochet along for the year, Bluebird’s Granny, will start on Tuesday 25 October 2016 comprising six parts so she will be finished for Christmas!

This is a real back to basics with a few twists a turns.  The crochet along is predominately the granny stitch and is in homage to my late grandmother who was a prolific crocheter, making granny square cushion covers, but whom failed dismally to teach me in her life time, she would be so proud of my efforts so it felt fitting I go overboard on granny stitch for her.


64 inches tall by 60 inches wide

You will need ….

The colours you use or the order you use them in throughout this afghan is completely up to you.  It would work wonderfully as a scrap blanket but I feel needs at least three colours.  I have used Stylecraft Special DK 100g balls in the following colours and quantities

Mocha – 5 balls, Plum – 3 balls, Clematis – 3 balls, Duck egg – 3 balls, Pistashio – 3 balls

So in total 17 balls or 5,015 meters or 5,484 yards, she’s a real yarn eater but just as good as a stash reducing machine.  It is worth noting now that the final three rows of the border which I have done in one colour takes a whole ball (295 meters)

4mm crochet hook

Sewing up needle – and I thoroughly recommend tidying up ends as you go

There is no right or wrong in colour use.  I have done a mixture throughout the blanket to show different ways of putting the blocks and stripes together.  It also requires minimal blocking, in fact I didn’t block at all but some may want to which is entirely up to you.

This was the order I chose but it is entirely up to you…

So where will it be posted?

If you sign up to receive an e-mail from this site you will receive an e-mail each week, there will be a break of a fortnight between Part 4 and 5 for catching up and taking a breather.  I will also post on my Facebook page and the CAL Crochet A Long group on Facebook will, I am sure, post a link.  Here’s the schedule:

Part 1  –  25 October

Part 2 – 1 November


Part 3 – 15 November

Part 4 – 22 November


Part 5 – 6 December

Part 6 – 13 December

And here is the Information Sheet if you want to download and print it out bluebirds-granny-information-sheet

The pattern will be into Dutch, Swedish, German, Spanish, French, Danish, and Persian
Any questions please ask away …

Emilys Bluebird.jpg
by Emily Franks, one of my fabulous testers

Information for the above blue version:

I Love This Yarn (worsted weight)

Dark Country Blue (5 skeins), Stonewash (3 skeins), Cranberry (3 skeins), Cream (3 skeins), Light Taupe (3 skeins)

5.5mm hook

Finished size: approx. 82″ x 90″ (208x228cm)

I must mention the other fabulous testers: Claire Sutcliffe, Jane Vester, Pauline Vos, Dawn McIntyre, Ursula Prandtstetter, and Mona Llau, Veronique Blockheel and Isabelle Claisse

Here’s some of their stunning creations:


21 thoughts on “Bluebird’s Granny Crochet Along 2016

      1. If you’re on a mobile or table scroll past the blog post, past the comments and above the heading previous posts is a blog email sign up box….if you are on a computer the sign up box is on the right hand side of the page.


  1. This is very pretty! Wish there wasn’t so many breaks in pattern coming out, with last one coming in middle of December that doesn’t give much time to finish if for a gift, an things are already getting so busy the last 2 weeks before Christmas, might have to give unfinished gift. Thanks for your time and talents!


    1. Unfortunately I had to adjust the timings as it was felt there was too much to do each week. It’s so difficult to gauge it to suit everyone. You should get it done for Christmas, the final border is super speedy with minimal counting. You can always start putting the long stripes together as you go


  2. Thanks for the fast response. I’ve done Cals before an you don’t have to do it as fast as they come out. Some crocheters are real fast an some slower, or some work, an some dont, some are retired, some have big families to take care of, an each have different times they can crochet. So if Cals come out fast, some can keep up an others can work at their own pace, but it’s there to do if you have a larger amount of time to work on it, it’s not supposed to be a race, just to relax an enjoy when you have the time. Some will do it in months or years to come, an they will have the whole pattern at once an do it at their own pace too. For those that want to make it Bigger they need more time to get it done, if it’s for Christmas present. Sorry to ramble on, I am glad you are giving us the chance to work on this lovely Cal , just giving you another perspective. Just wish others wouldn’t look at it as a race to have to have each section done before next one comes out. I like the fast crocheter to put pics on so we can see what colors we may like in the Cal too. Anyways thanks for all your time an talented work for all of us, we appreciate it!


  3. I missed the start of this but it could be just the thing I’m looking for. My husband wants a blanket but he’s rather tall and I’m pretty sure I’d be fed up of plain stripes by the time I’d got it to 6ft 4! Great job, I’m definitely going to see if I have the right yarn quantities. 😊


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