Discovering tapestry crochet 

Now, I have been crocheting for 18 months so it’s about time I had something other than the plastic sleeves hooks come in to keep them safe and all in one place.  There are quite a few patterns on Pinterest for a hand made crochet hook roll but nothing really pinged.  Whilst searching on Pinterest I stumbled across tapestry crochet. Now that gave me an idea….a small project with a useful end.

So I worked out it would need to be 80 sts across if done in double knitting yarn.  Out came the graph paper and I drew out some simple sheep…I had a limited pallet of colours so green was the starting point.  I’ve previously done cross stitch so drawing on squares comes easy.

I found some fabulous tutorials on Pinterest on how to do tapestry and how to colour change.  I was amazed how quick this worked up…

Having counted I did 38 rows in total.  The finished measurement after blocking is 7 inches by 14 inches.  The finished piece was a nice firm piece of fabric so I didn’t want to add more crochet on the inside, as I had seen for some on my searches.  So I cut a piece of fabric an inch bigger that the crochet piece and pressed over half an inch on all sides.  I then cut another piece the same length but 5 inches wide, pressing the sides and bottom as I used the selvedge for the top.  I simply machined around the edges and then made the hook pockets before machining it onto the back of the tapestry.

A loop and a button and another ta dah moment ….love it


3 thoughts on “Discovering tapestry crochet 

    1. This is my own design but I’m happy to create it over the next few days for the blog post. I found lots of good video tutorials on Pinterest on the technique. You could use any cross stitch chart really.


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