Three new patterns …and they are free

The three amigos are complete, Bluebird’s Bunny, Daisy’s Cat and Dave the Dog (long story but basically what we as a family think is the perfect name for a dog)… there are more plans afoot using the same simple design.

Now, here are the pdf’s, they are in US terms only at the moment and whilst I have tested the pattern I am all prepared for there to be further tweeks needed, so please please let me know if something does not work or if the instructions don’t flow, I will not be offended in the slightest as its one huge learning process for me… these are my first designed amigurumi and I have found from the crochet along that its very easy to get blinded by the pattern to miss something.

I have left the colouring and size of the safety eyes down to you, I’ve used 8 or 9 mm ones (lost the top tab to the packet so a ruler measurement is the best I can do), the eyes can of course be embroidered.

Bluebirds Bunny

Daisys Cat

Dave the Dog

I am happy for these to be made to be sold in very small numbers and for them to be used in classes or in shops to teach, please however credit me as the designer for them, oh and let me have some photos of your creations.


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