The final (small) bit, week 12 is here

Firstly I want to thank everyone who has taken part in making this crochet along happen, together the support of Cara, Tori and Chrissie at Fudges Wool and Haberdashery here in Cullompton for your encouragement and confidence boosting abilities.

The CAL-Crochet A Long group on Facebook have been fantastic.  From this group I have had the help of two wonderful testers, Jenny Lowman and Emily Franks who helped me tease  out the bugs and make the pattern work.  The administrators of the group have been fantastic particular Massiel Lago who has been on the other side of the Atlantic organising the translators and forwarding the translations to me in time each week of the release.  I am so humbled at this support and help and the kind words said about my first design at a time when things elsewhere in life have been far from straight forward.

So here it is, the final week.  I thought it was right to have a simple single row to finish it off.

Week 12

And here are the translations

Week 12_Dutch   Week 12_Finnish    Week 12_French    Week 12_German

Week 12_Spanish    Week 12_Swedish

I am busy working on a new crochet along which will hopefully be out in the Autumn/Winter this year, I am also playing with some smaller designs and amigurumi which of course I will share here.  For all my most recent makes keep an eye on my Instagram account (link on the front page of the blog) and my Facebook page.


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