We’re nearly there…week 11

Week 11.jpg

Never did I think when I started writing this pattern back in November 2015 that I would be here writing and posting week 11 for everyone to do.  It has been so humbling to see everyone’s versions of my blanket and I know I say it a lot but its still amazing how colour can change the same stitches and patterns so much.  I think the greatest thing is that there have been so few queries on the pattern (probably jinxed myself now) so I am hoping that means that its been ok and made sense without too much frogging.  All comments, good, bad and critical are welcome as I am busy designing and making another beginners crochet a long for the autumn.  If there is anything I could change or do to make it a better experience please let me know.

Anywho without any further delay here’s the US English version of this weeks pattern:

Week 11

And here are the translations:

Week 11_Dutch    Week 11_German    Week 11_Spanish    Week 11_Swedish    Week 11_Finnish

The French translation will be added as soon as I receive it, apologies for any delay.

See you next week for the final … very easy and short final row of the blanket


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