I’m seeing spots! Oh no its only week 8…

week 8

This is a week that many of you will dread because we’re doing spots, now as the introduction will tell you they are not my favorite either especially when you have colour changes hence why my example is all done in the same colour giving the blanket/afghan texture over colour.  Now, it is completely up to you if you want to do the same as me or do every spot a different colour (madness!)…just enjoy.

This week pulled on both my tester and the final version so be mindful about changing up a hook size for the spot section.

Here is the US English pdf:

Week 8

As always the translations will appear below as soon as they are received:

Week 8_Dutch    Week 8_Finnish    Week 8_French    Week 8_German    Week 8_Spanish    Week 8_Swedish


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