My own mandala madness

I have also been caught up in the current mandala creating that seems to be hitting the online crochet groups by storm.


This is my Queen Mandala, it currently measures 1.5 meters across, 60 inches or thereabouts.  It’s at week 13 out of 16 but I’ve decided it’s by far big enough. I have used Stylecraft Special DK in lots of colour I had left over with a few extra purchases. It’s taken me two weeks so far to catch up. You can find the weekly patterns with lots of translations at


It’s Yarn Shop Day here in the UK on 30 April and yesterday I volunteered to make some crochet mandala’s and put them in embroidery hoops.  Well one evenings work and ta dah…three mandala’s

All three designs are from the Mandalas to Crochet book by Haafner Linssen


Ten inches, African Flower Love


Eight inch, Scallops of the Sea


Seven inch, Hotpad

There is something very satisfying about continuous circles.

Here are the final two



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