Week 5 … does the birdy get the caterpillar?


Its Easter Sunday here in  the UK so wherever you are Happy Easter and I hope it involves a day of chocolate, family and crochet.  I love this stitch, bear with it as there is a bit of background work to do to get the final effect.  There is an extra row which the photograph does not show that my wonderful testers added as there was the odd stitch or two out for next week.

Here is the US English pdf:

Week 5

ADDENDUM: Row 5 should read a tr into the last gap of the side rather than a dtr, I will amend the patterns at a more reasonable hour of the day

And here are the translations:

Week 5_Dutch    Week 5_Finnish    Week 5_French    Week 5_German    Week 5_Spanish    Week 5_Swedish

Same time same place next week? We’ll be half way then, I can’t believe its gone so quickly.

I really like seeing photographs of your afghans/blankets so far popping up on my Facebook news feed so please keep posting.  If you have any comments, queries or questions please post them either here in the comments box or on my Facebook page.




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