A spot of sewing for knittings sake

My crochet hooks are all over the place, well to be honest they all sit in one of the little plastic sleeves that they came in.  I had an e-mail earlier this week from a very good friend of my mum’s who wanted me to make two knitting needle cases as she had bought two sets of 9 inch needles for them both.  I had moved on from fabric makings but having found this lovely pattern thought that I’d put down the hook and yarn today and make a couple … who knows I might even make one for myself.

Please find below the share of the page that the pattern is on.  As it says it is free so if you do share onwards please credit the maker.  I’ll update with my attempts later today/tomorrow.  I’m going to make mine big enough for firstly the knitting needles and then my crochet hooks so I’ll add my measurements for the pieces, the method will remain the same.  You have to love Pinterest for such great inspiration … Happy Saturday everyone



Mine measure 13 inches deep, including the fold over flap that stops the needles falling out and 17 inches long. I’ve used quite stiff iron on interfacing so they are quite book like. Loved a bit of sewing once again 💜


The original pattern for little wraps measure 5.5″ x 7″ (18cm x 14cm) folded, and 10″ x 16.5″ (25cm x 41cm) unfolded. There is room inside for a small notebook/sketch pad (A6 size) and 16 full…

Source: Tutorial: Mini Art Wrap


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