Week 2 … here we go


This week its all about the Granny stitch but in a round.

Below in the blue text is the pdf link to click on for this weeks pattern in US terms:

Week 2

And here are the translated versions:

Week 2_Dutch    Week 2_Finnish    Week 2_French    Week 2_German    Week 2_Spanish    Week 2_Swedish

So that I can keep on top of any queries, questions and most importantly your fabulous picture updates I will be pinning the link to this page on the top of my Facebook page Bluebird on Facebook so that within the comments we can do show and tell, question and answer.  You can also comment on this page about this weeks pattern.  I work full time in between doing this and have a family and home to attempt to keep going too so I wanted to keep the places I needed to check to help you out and to see your crochet to just two.  I hope it works.



4 thoughts on “Week 2 … here we go

  1. Just saw your CAL, and I think I have CAL fever just now, shouldn’t really but here goes another. A wee bit late but looking forward to joining this journey. Thanks for your hard work in advance and my yarn stash will be grateful.


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