Ready, steady go! Week 1

Hello! Its finally here, week 1 of my first ever designed crochet along, I’m a little apprehensive but I have had the help of two fabulous testers and some very professional translators who have knocked my pattern into shape.  If you find something does not work please let me know and we can get frustrated together.

The instructions are in the below pdf for you to print, I have also put a copy on the main Crochet Along 2016 page here on the block, on my Facebook page and there will be a link on the Facebook CAL-Crochet Along page who without their help I would not be ready for this launch.

Here’s the pdf:

Week 1 pdf

And quite literally just in translations too (German to follow later today)

Week 1_French   Week 1_Swedish   Week 1_Spanish   Week 1_Dutch   Week 1_Finnish   Week 1_German

If you are local to Cullompton, Devon the finished blanket is in the window of Fudge’s Haberdashery and Wool Shop in the High Street where you can go and see the entire pattern in real life.


ADDENDUM : Although now amended row 16 should read a dc round all around not a hdc as kindly picked up by a fellow crocheter.

ADDENDUM to stitch count: There has been some confusion about the stitch counts quoted in both the translated and English versions of week 1 …. to confirm row 15 you have 42 stitches including the corners on each side, in row 16 you should have 44 stitches per side a total of 176 all around

I am so sorry for those this has caused unnecessary hassle to its me thinking I’d saved something when actually I didn’t.



14 thoughts on “Ready, steady go! Week 1

  1. Row 12. You refer to row 10, should it be row 11?
    And I can’t make out row 16. Am I making dc’s around the edge of hdc’s please?


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