Crochet along update

Morning everyone. This is a bit of a test post as well as an update on supplies needed for the Bluebird and Daisy Crochet Along which starts in a few weeks time.


I’m busy debugging the pattern by making another, the Facebook group CAL-Crochet Along have kindly offered me testers from both sides of the Atlantic as well as some interpreters to have it translated, although I don’t know which languages yet.

Anyway I’ve found that week four is needing more rows than the original…Not sure why but I am meticulously counting each side to check the stitch count.  It might explain why the original is a bit lumpy bumpy on these corners.  So to be safe I am advising 14 balls of 100g double knitting yarn, I’m still using Stylecraft.  I’ve amended the ingredients post.

Thank you once again for everyone’s amazing response and support.  I am busy planning another crochet along this morning…



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