Bluebird & Daisy CAL 2016

So I thought after less than a year of crochet under my belt whilst I love all these patterns other fabulous designers do I’d like to do my own and see whether I have learnt enough to design a simple crochet along.

The pattern will be published weekly on a Sunday morning before 9am (GMT) with a pdf of written instructions with a few photographs to assist.  There are going to be 12 parts.

This blanket has been made in Stylecraft Special DK Yarn (Stylecraft Yarns) all on a 4mm hook although it would work on any weight yarn just as long as you crochet with a hook to match the yarn.  I have used 14 x 100g balls of yarn which give a total yardage of 4700 or metreage of 4200.  Its quite a dense blanket so you gobble up yarn quite a bit on some of the weeks.  You can do this blanket in as many colours as you want, the original one was done in just four with my second pattern debugging one made in what ever Stylecraft DK I had to hand.  It would also work really well as a scrap blanket to use up colours.

The finished size in the DK yarn is 50 inches square.  The only bit I blocked was the first week as the bullseye circle tends to pull a bit (but that could just be my crochet style).  If you feel you want to block it more you go ahead.

I would love to see your creations, with the support of the closed page CAL – Crochet Along page on Facebook the links will be published there along with my own Facebook page (Bluebird on Facebook).  Over the next few weeks I’ll see if I can set up an album for you to post your progress somewhere specific.

Oh, nearly forgot, I use American terms throughout, there are plenty of places on the internet and in most crochet books to help you with the meanings if you follow UK or another term.  For some reason the US terms make more sense to me.

So…. when does it start and how do I follow it?  The first week will be published on Sunday 28 February 2016 before 9am (UK time) within a new post here on this blog.  In addition under the Crochet Along 2016 tag at the top of the page I will post the pdf’s for each week so you don’t have to go searching for previous weeks posts as I know how frustrating that can be or if you want to come back and do them at your own speed.

To see each week’s instructions you can either pick them up at:

Bluebird on Facebook

or on the closed group CAL-Crochet Along also on Facebook

or you can sign up to this blog on the top right side and you’ll get an e-mail each week detailing the post with a link to the pattern.


The pattern is free and will stay on this blog as long as it is here. At the end of the project I will amalgamate all the written instructions into one document so you can just print the whole thing out.


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