When a diamond makes a hexagon

I am a patchworker in origin having been diverted to crochet over the past year.  I love hexagons in patchwork, they are so traditional and versatile.  So I thought why not crochet a patched hexagon.


This one measures 8 inches from flat side to flat side and I did it in double knitting yarn on a 3.5mm hook.  I think it would work with any yarn and just adjusting the hook accordingly.

Here’s the method (in US terms):

Row 1 – ch2, into first ch (this will be your centre hole for all the stitches for the first row) dc2, tr, ch3, tr, dc2, ch1, dc2, tr, ch3, tr, dc2, ch1 and slst into the top of the first dc

Row 2 – ch2, into next st on top of the second dc from the row below dc, continuing around, dc, in ch3 space, dc2 tr, ch3, still in ch space tr, dc2, dc into top of tr from last row, then dc in next two st, in ch1 space, dc, ch1, dc, dc into next three st, in ch3 space dc2, tr, ch3 still in ch space, tr, dc2, dc into top of previous row tr, dc next two st, in ch spacs dc, ch1, dc, then slst into ch2 at start.

Here is my attempt at a chart:


And there is your diamond.  I’ve made six for the centre and have joint them by going through the two outside loops in a sc from behind.  To bring the centre in I hand stitched it tightly together.

I’ve then made another six and working around the outside again with a sc using the outside loops.  On the points I’ve put an sc through the inside and outside diamond tips, a sc joining the outer diamond corners then onto the next diamond with an sc through the corner space and the inner space.  On the down corner I’ve done an sc through the ch1 space abd into the first sewing up stitch of the inner diamond below.

I hope that makes sense! 

I’m working on some more so will add some making up photographs.  I have to finish ripping back a little stripy cardigan first…


As always I’m a bit new to this pattern and now chart business so please let me know if something doesn’t work.


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