Because one is a lonely number for a daisy

I felt quite sorry for my little four inch daisy square so I made it eight friends and it grew into what I think is a pretty fabulous 14 inch cushion πŸ’œ



And let bluebird sit in the midst of them all.

I joined the squares using a sc or UK dc through both loops from the back.Β  I then did a full round of hdc then dc to bring it out big enough for the cushion.

For the back I did a simple envelope back by having two rectangles of fabric, each hemmed on one long side and overlapped.Β  I’ve never got on with zips.Β  After careful pinning to the crochet good sides together I zipped around abd them turned right sides out through the envelope flap.


It’s a little gappy on the back but once it’s squished a bit it’ll be just fine.

ADDENDUM 18 May 2016
A lovely customer and fellow stitcher at Fudges here in Cullompton has created this fabulous crochet blanket. It’s so overwhelming that an idea and a pattern has inspired someone to make this


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