Introducing Mr Tumnus


A sneaky extra post this week.  I offered a few months ago to help out my fabulous local yarn shop (Fudges Haberdashery and Wool Shop) here in Cullompton with their Christmas themed window, the theme being CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Mr Tumnus seemed to be the one character we couldn’t find a good size pattern for.

So I made one, wrote up the pattern and now he has become my first paid pattern over on Ravelry (at just £2.40).   He measures 10 inches tall and is a combination of continuous circle single crochet with some bobble stitch thrown in for good measure.  I used Stylecraft Special DK throughout in dark brown, parchment, mocha and lipstick.  I love him so just wanted to share him with you.

Here’s the link Mr Tumnus Pattern

Bluebird’s Granny – Part 4


Here we are at Part 4, we will be having another break next week to enable catch up.  This week is called a four in one granny where we construct four squares to make up each block and have fun with what patterns we can create within each.  The squares or rather rectangles are supposed to be off centre.  Please however feel free to experiment with your own colour ways once you’ve done the first.  There is another fairly big colour border to play with carrying the yarn, I hope the tutorials I’ve found have helped but please let me know if not.

After some technical difficulties between myself and my wonderful translator organiser the other side of the Atlantic (yes the other side of the Atlantic) that were completely out of our control… here are the translations


Danish      Dutch      French      German      Spanish      Swedish

Part 5 will be here on 6th December (eeek December already!)

Bluebird’s Granny – Part 3


Welcome back everyone … I hope the weeks break has helped with some catch up or perhaps the chance to start/finish/do a bit more of another project.  Anyhow we are now on Part 3, with Part 4 next week before another weeks break.  I cannot again stress enough that this crochet along is not a race it is for the enjoyment of creating an afghan/blanket.  I have only just finished the wonderful Zooty Owl’s Seaside Winter CAL which ended over a month ago … crochet is about the enjoyment and the therapy, oh and the finished product when and if we get there.

This week it is hexagons with surround that fills in the mountains and valleys they create.

Below is the US version with translations as soon as I receive them.

ADDENDUM: on the granny stripe work six (6) rows in total not the five that the pattern indicates …. pattern amendments will be made as soon as I can


Danish      Dutch      French      German      Spanish      Swedish

I have had some requests for help on travelling the yarn on the back of the Granny Stripe.  Well after much internet searching I’ve found this brilliant explanation which includes written, pictures and a video.  I’ve learnt that its called colour stranding, you learn something new every day … hopefully it will help : Colour Stranding

Bluebird’s Granny – Reshuffle

It came to my attention earlier today that the scheduling of the crochet along has caused stress and a loss of enjoyment as there is too much to do over the past two parts in the time allowed.

To me a crochet along is about learning new skills and enjoying the process rather than the race to the finish.  I have never started or finished a crochet along on time.

I have decided to have a break now between Part 2 and 3 and then another break between Part 4 and 5.  This will extend the crochet along by just one week so it will be concluded on 13 December still in time for Christmas.

It is difficult to gauge the right amount of instructions for any crochet along as we all have our own life commitments and we all crochet at different speeds.  I hope that by doing this shuffle it will help.

The new schedule will be:

Part 3:  15 November 

Part 4: 22 November 


Part 5: 6 December 

Part 6: 13 December

I cannot stress enough that this is not a race to complete first.  I have designed and created this as a full time working mum and wife so completely understand time constraints.  This crochet along is to be enjoyed, when you finish it makes no difference.  Please just enjoy the process ….


Bluebird’s Granny – Part 2

So here we are already, Part 2 of the crochet along, I hope you’re all keeping up ok.  This week we are making flowers with a little more of a complex stripe where you will carry the yarn over on the back.


I hope that my block and stripe method is making sense.  The basics are that you make a set of squares, join them together, do an sc border on both long sides and then use this nice neat row of sc stitches to add your granny stitch stripe to one of the sides (hence no reason to do a great long chain), its a join as you go project really.  You’ll have an extra stripe to add to the top or bottom of your finished blanket at the end.

I would also add that it is entirely up to you whether you block any or all of this crochet along, my original has not been blocked at all, I feel that the granny stitch creates good square pieces but if you want to block just do a search on the internet for the type of yarn you’re using and there is plenty of advise out there.

Please find below the English/US terms pattern in the blue type together with the translations :








Bluebird’s Granny – Part 1


Welcome to Part 1 of Bluebird’s Granny, my second crochet along which will run from now until 6 December.  I cannot stress enough that there is no right or wrong colourway which is why I do not make any suggestions on when you change colour in this crochet along, do what suits you and the yarn you have chosen.

Here is the English version with the translated versions below, just click on the blue link and it will open up a pdf for you to print:


Danish      French      German      Spanish      Swedish     Dutch

Each part will also be copied across to the Bluebird Granny page at the front of the blog in case you miss a part and will remain there in its entirety until the New Year when I will transfer it all over to Ravelry … so there is no rush, this is not a crochet race.

Any questions please either ask them here or on my Facebook page so that I make sure I receive them.