Discovering tapestry crochet 

Now, I have been crocheting for 18 months so it’s about time I had something other than the plastic sleeves hooks come in to keep them safe and all in one place.  There are quite a few patterns on Pinterest for a hand made crochet hook roll but nothing really pinged.  Whilst searching on Pinterest I stumbled across tapestry crochet. Now that gave me an idea….a small project with a useful end.

So I worked out it would need to be 80 sts across if done in double knitting yarn.  Out came the graph paper and I drew out some simple sheep…I had a limited pallet of colours so green was the starting point.  I’ve previously done cross stitch so drawing on squares comes easy.

I found some fabulous tutorials on Pinterest on how to do tapestry and how to colour change.  I was amazed how quick this worked up…

Having counted I did 38 rows in total.  The finished measurement after blocking is 7 inches by 14 inches.  The finished piece was a nice firm piece of fabric so I didn’t want to add more crochet on the inside, as I had seen for some on my searches.  So I cut a piece of fabric an inch bigger that the crochet piece and pressed over half an inch on all sides.  I then cut another piece the same length but 5 inches wide, pressing the sides and bottom as I used the selvedge for the top.  I simply machined around the edges and then made the hook pockets before machining it onto the back of the tapestry.

A loop and a button and another ta dah moment ….love it

Bluebird’s Granny Crochet Along…update

It’s exciting times here.  I have sent off five of the six parts that will be my new crochet along to some fabulous testers.  We are hoping to have it ready with translations for October this year.  It will be a fortnightly CAL but there will be quite a bit to do.  It’s all based on the granny stitch.  The size is still a mystery to me as I have to final border to work out but there will be some flexibility for you making it in the final lay out and whether it’s square or a rectangle.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the granny stripe work in progress

Stay tuned for further updates over the next couple of months

New charity patterns

As I think I may have posted I’ve been busy making for others these last couple of weeks.  This has resulted in my designing three new patterns.  A teddy hand puppet measuring 3.5 inches by 8 inches so idea for a child and two bags, also quite small at around 6 inches ‘square’ again for children.

Here are the links, they are also on my Ravelry page too:

Charity Teddy

Charity Granny Bag

Charity Cluster Bag

**please note there is an amendment to the Cluster Bag pattern which is now correct on the current link***

Link to Ravelry: Ravelry Page

Amigurumi and small makings 

I’ve been busy attempting to use up ly stash of yarn.  Now I know for many of my followers that a stash is a cupboard full and for some a whole room.  For me my stash extends to a large carrier bag. ..12 balls or part balls.  Even as a quilter I wasn’t a stash hoarder just because I find it difficult to but just for buying.  I’m not a natural shopper of any description. …I do tell my husband he is very lucky!

So these are the making’s so far this week:

This teddy is a crochet conversion from a knitting pattern, he’s a charity hand puppet for Africa 

Unfortunately with such small things the yarn isn’t going down that quickly

Holiday creativity 

Apologies for the silence for the last month, a much needed holiday has intervened. Creativity has however continued with this knitted shawl 

It’s knitted in 75% Kunstgarn wool yarn by Hjertegarn which is 4ply and was a birthday gift from my mum in law.  It measures 18 inches by 48 inches.

The pattern is a fabulously written free one from Ravelry by Valentina Cosciani, there’s a link below

Shashlik Shawl Pattern

Now that I’m back I’m working on the Moogly and Crochet A Long CAL’s which for me are 8 inch squares, 48 in total which will eventually go into a good sized afghan…..just another 18 to go.  I’ve also been yarn buying today so there’ll be another post about that creativity soon.

I am still working on another crochet along for the Autumn this year and hoping to launch amigurumi kits later this month….so stay tuned for some new ideas

Time for a spot of knitting

Here’s the reason the blog has been a bit quiet…I’ve been knitting this fabulous wrap, Sixth Degree Shawl a great free pattern courtesy Heidi Gustad on Ravelry


I added quite a few rows to the end as I knitted it on slightly smaller needles, 4mm instead of 4.5mm.  The yarn is Sirdar Click which is double knitting in weight.


I had a go at making a shawl pin…and ended up making these two by simply shaping, hammering and adding glass beads



I’m really quite pleased with the end result 🌼